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The fragrance of consolation

The empty space being left after the death of my beloved Burmese cat, Mochah, has been filled by the healing fragrances of rose, lemongrass and lavender.  Friends and family came to celebrate the life of this remarkable cat and left these wonderful aroma’s to comfort and console.

The strong connection with fragrance and memory was confirmed with the gift of a Rain lemongrass candle. When I first met Mochah and brought him home ten years ago, I had a similar fragranced candle in my home.  Now I will always connect this aroma with the start of a relationship that brought me much joy and companionship.

Fragrances, like cats, can help to create atmosphere, good energy and consolation.  And Mochah was an excellent “therapist”, giving attention even to those who didn’t want it! Fortunately there will always be lovely fragrances to fill this empty space.