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Koekemakranka For Courage

According to legend the fruit of the Koekemakranka plant worn in the hat of a prospective lover (“vryersklong” in Afrikaans) will give him extra courage (“koerasie” in Afrikaans). This exotic, aromatic plant is indigenous to the Southern Cape and Namakwaland and can be used in many interesting ways.

Gethyllis afra / Kukumakranka (English) / Koekemakranka (Afrikaans and Khoi)

The white or pink flowers of this bulbous plant transform into fragrant club-shaped fruits.  The ripe fruits are edible and have a powerful sweet, fruity odour. Dried flowers and fruits were once popular to perfume rooms and linen.

Koekemakranka Flowers

 Based on an old Cape remedy, fruit are  infused in brandy or witblits to cure stomach ailments (“ongesteldhede van die maag” in Afrikaans).

Koekemakranka Fruit

You should consider yourself fortunate if you find this plant because its conservation status is rare.  And then you can decide whether you want to use koekemakranka on your hat, in your brandy or between your linen…