Autumn cleansing

Khoisan Home

Inspired by the Khoisan tradition of burning fynbos and fragrant herbs in their homes when moving or after a death, I’ve blended a special cleansing oil for my friend who moved into her new home last week.  The combination of Cape Chamomile, Cape Geranium and Kooigoed essential oils in a burner would also assist her emotionally in this time of transition.

With the first cold front moving in over the long weekend, autumn has arrived in the Cape.  Most people do spring cleaning, but for me autumn is an excellent time to reflect on cleansing and bringing a new fragrance into my home.

We are conditioned to associate particular smells with certain activities of rooms. The characteristics of each aroma group can help you select an appropriate fragrance for each room:

Florals: bedroom and living room

Herbs: study and kitchen

Citrus and fruit: bathroom and kitchen

Spices: kitchen and bedroom

Woods: sitting room and bedroom

Resins: hallway and study

Why not try a new fragrance in you home this season?  What is your favourite autumn cleansing ritual? Or for those living in the northern hemisphere, do you have a spring fragrance ritual?


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  1. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed reading about that.

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