Bait For The Weekend

Do you prefer your partner to smell more like the veld and not like a chemical experiment gone wrong? Or maybe you would just like to bring a memory of walking amongst fynbos into your home? Most of us are not fortunate to live close to aromatic plants or fynbos (and it is illegal to pick them alongside the road), but there is a solution in the form of essentials oils.

One of my favourite close relatives to buchu is Aasbossie/Konfettibos (Afrikaans) or Cape May/Confetti bush (English). The botanical name for this aromatic bush is Coleonema Album. The name Aasbossie is derived from its use by fishermen as a perfume to hide the foul smell of red bait (rooiaas in Afrikaans) on their hands. The Himba and Topnaar people in Namibia use this warm and peppery aroma for perfume and scented neck powder.

Coleonema Album

One of the many myths and legends surrounding the aromatic buchu relatives of the Cape is that men should avoid the “cousin” Bokboegoe (Diosma Hirsuta) if they wish to retain their virility!

Diosma Hirsuta

Whether you want to conceal some unpleasant smell of create a new perfume for your home, partner or friend, I recommend that you use an essential oil and not take any chances with picking the wrong shrub!


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